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How Complementary Medicine Works

Complementary medicine covers a wide area as medicine itself does.

Just as there a lots and lots of things that go wrong with the body and the mind there are very many treatments both conventional and complimentary to help or cure them.

Do They Work ?

I guess the best answer would be some do and some don’t.

People often use these complementary treatments to maintain their health or to deal with a specific long-term health problem. One big danger is that some people rely on these alternative medicines instead of consulting with their medical professional. This can leave them exposed to risk.

complementary medicine bottlesThe best way is to use complementary medicine as it is supposed to be used, as an additional or a complimentary treatment to that of a fully qualified doctor.

It is often used to help a patient cope with a health condition.

When used this way, the treatment is not intended as an alternative to conventional treatment.

Sometimes treatments are used instead of conventional medicine as a way of treating or curing a specific health condition. This is called “alternative medicine”.

Sometimes alternative or complementary medicines can be dangerous when they mix with other prescriptions you are taking. So, always discuss things with your health professional before you begin to use any new complimentary treatments.

Complementary medicine by and large has not been studied or fully evaluated to see how well they work or to ascertain how safe they. Most evidence relies on word of mouth testimonials from people who have used a particular complementary medicine. Some complementary and alternative medicines or treatments are based on principles and an evidence base that are not recognised by the majority of independent scientists.

Another factor regarding complementary treatments is that they aren’t as controlled as much as standard prescribed or over the counter medicines. This means you could fall victim to a fraud. It has been told a number of times of folk who have received pills or lotions that have nothing in them except say chalk. It is bad enough being sold inert substances as a medicine. But worst of all is being given poisonous substances as medicine.

Always buy your complementary medicine from a recognizably and trusted source.

You can’t be too careful when you are dealing with your own health or those that you love.

It’s important to realize that when an individual uses any medicine and has an improvement in the health condition, it may be due to a placebo effect. i.e The belief that the treatment will work.

There is evidence that a specific complementary medicine works.

For example, there is evidence that osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture work are effective at treating persistent low back pain. Evidence can also be seen as how the Alexander technique is a help for those suffering with Parkinson’s disease. Taking ginger and using acupressure for reducing morning sickness seems to work.

If you do decide to use a complementary or alternative treatment, you’ll often need to find a practitioner or source a particular product. Our advice is to make your choice very carefully.

Some healthcare professionals also practice complementary medicine. However, apart from those offering osteopathy and chiropractic manipulation, there is generally no statutory regulation of complementary and alternative treatments.

This means that anyone can practice complementary medicine with no or limited formal qualifications or experience.



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