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Knowing how to travel the world for free is a sought after subject. But some suggestion have people working non stop so their world travel experience is less that perfect.

how to travel the world for free in styleThe experience of travel is pushed by tour companies, hotel chains, and lots of corporate media. Because the tourism industry wants you to buy expensive packages and accommodation.

They want you to choose a world travel experience the same way you would choose any other purchase. They want your credit card number.

The tourism industry doesn’t want people knowing how to travel the world for free.

And in reality there will only be a few who manage to do it. because it can be scary to travel the world with nothing more than a leap of faith.

It is true that travel broadens the mind and frees you from the grind of daily routine. As you explore new places, meet new people, try new foods, and learn amazing things about this wonderful world. It is not strictly true to say that you can travel the world for free. Because it is often paid for with time exchanged for job.

When it comes to knowing how to travel the world for free and accommodation it is another matter. Because there are many people who are willing to open their homes to travelers. Chip in with a few chores, and they will give you a free meal, too.

CouchSurfing and WWOOF are two phenomenal online networks that help world travelers connect with local hosts.

CouchSurfing members are willing to give travelers a place to sleep for a night or two. Couchsurfers open their homes and share their lives. Connect with hosts, and confirm your stay through the Couchsurfing platform. And your stay with hosts is free. You can meet travelers in other cities, or in your own city! Because there’s always something new to join or event to enjoy.

WWOOF connects travelers with organic farmers who want to trade room and board for an extra hand. So, if you want to live and learn on organic farms worldwide. Or want to share your life with other like-minded people. Then WWOOF will be right for you. It is how to travel the world for free.

wwoof how to travel the world for free

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers. To promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange. Thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community.

As a volunteer (or WWOOFer as they are called) you will live alongside your host. Helping with daily tasks and experiencing life as a farmer.

As a host farm you will open your home to receive visitors from your own country or abroad who want to connect with the land and support the organic movement.

WWOOF is organised by country.

So first you need to decide where in the world you want to go! UK, Nigeria, Chile, India or somewhere else? Use their search facility to find the right national WWOOF group for your preferred destination. Then – sign up as a volunteer – it’s very quick and easy. Afterwards you can start contacting hosts to arrange your visit. If you want to visit more than one country you will need to sign up as a volunteer in each country you plan to visit. There is no international membership.
My version of how to travel the world for free is to generate a passive income that pays for all the travel, experiences and time I want.