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How To Make a Gif Into A Video Simple Easy Steps

How to make a gif into a video is really really simple when you follow the advice here.

Video created with only gifs turned into videos.


how to make a gif into a video

Visit upload your gif and the click convert. Then download the created video file to your computer.

Next step is to create a video with a simple and easy video creation tool click here to get one for free!

Why Would I Want To Turn An Animated GIF Into A Video

One of the main reasons for converting a gif is that many social sharing sites do not support animated GIFs. And they only allow uploads of  certain file sizes.

how to make a gif into a video exampleFor example, Instagram and Facebook, at the time of writing  do not support animated GIFs . You can upload them, but all you will see is the first frame. You will get no animation.

Other social blogging sites like Tumblr have a restriction in both image dimension and file size when it comes to uploading animated GIFs. Files over 1 MB or larger than a height or width of 500 px can not be uploaded. Or if you do they only show up as still images.

So the solution so you can share your favorite animated GIFs, is to convert it to video. by using the link above. Then there is no worry because video clips are supported by most, if not all, social media platforms.

The Quick Tutorial

Whether you need your GIF converted for the reasons mentioned above or your own individual personal needs, let’s have a look at how to make a gif into a video. Nothing hard here because it’s basically point and click.

So, lets get started !

  1. Go to   
    Of course you could choose another video file type, but MP4 is the one format supported by the most platforms, websites and players. It’s pretty universal.
  2. Upload the animated GIF you want to convert to video. You can use any type of GIF.
  3. Click on “Convert File” on the page.
  4. After the conversion you will be redirected to the download button.
    Download your video to your chosen folder on your own computer.

Simple and easy!

Now you have it, your video-turned GIF! Your short video clip can now be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or any other internet property that did not support your GIF before.

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