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Can Local SEO Help?

Using Local SEO Wakefield will help locally based businesses and national businesses seeking to attract customers, clients or patients from the Wakefield area. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of getting your business website highly visible on the local search results. And is an very effective strategy to grow your business online. Given that the Wakefield district has a population of 330000 it is a very attractive market place for local business to stand out and for national businesses to get noticed.

The Wakefield SEO service assists businesses in promoting their offer to local customers/clients/patients at exactly the time they are looking for what they do online.

There is no doubt that using a local Wakefield SEO company will help any business improve their online presence.

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What is important about a ‘Local Search’?

A local search is different from a general search as they tend to be specific and business related. And the good news for local businesses is that around 46 per cent of searches are centred around a local search term.

When people search for a general term such as ‘how to fix a faulty light switch” it doesn’t help a local electrician a great lot. However, when the search becomes ‘electrician near me’ or ‘best electrician in Wakefield being found at the top of the local results will boost business dramatically.

The smart Google search engine will try to give the searcher the best, most relevant answer to their query by finding the best results locally. The art of getting to the top and being seen is what local seo Wakefield Yorkshire gives to all clients.

Local Search Results.

When you look at the local search results page you’ll see it is normally split into 3 sections. The ads at the top that people pay for. The map section that may contain an ad and then the organic or free listings. The organic listings get the most clicks and the ads get the least. If you pay for expensive ads the moment you stop paying your visibility goes away. With the free listings, when you do it right,  your visibility becomes cemented in.

The two most important places for a local business that gives the best return on investment id the free listings and the map section.

The Local Map Pack

Listing in the ‘3-pack’ ‘Map-Pack’ ‘local pack’ or to give it it’s correct term the Google my Business listings, is very advantageous.  

Everything you see in the map section is filtered from a business’s listing with Google My Business. The results here do change depending on where locally the web searcher is based. The idea is that it will direct a local searcher to a local business via the google map section.

This Google local service seeks to place every local business on their map. So it makes sense for every business to claim and verify their business listing because then with some careful SEO they will rank in the local map section. Many local businesses fail to claim or verify their free local listing from Google. A big mistake.

Claim your Google My Business listing

Claiming your unique Google My Business listing is a major step to get your business displayed on important Google properties such as its local directory (GMB) on Google maps and of course the all-important local search results.

As a result of claiming and verifying a business will be assigned what is known as a knowledge panel. Which will display a lot of information on the business such as contact details, opening times, services on offer, a full business description, faq’s, special deals and whatever business details a business would like to display.

This is also the place to display genuine and honest reviews to highlight the quality and trust worthiness  of your business to searchers. The number of reviews can all help in your local search rankings.

The secret to get the best out of your Google My Business profile is to regularly update it with posts and pictures. And to keep reviews being posted consistently.

Many local businesses haven’t grasped the importance of Googles free directory and haven’t claimed and verified their listing. Don’t be one of them.

Citation To Reinforce The Locality Of The Business

Local citations are any online mentions of the N.A.P  the name, the address, and the phone number for a business. Google My Business listings gives a lot of importance to this factor because they want the listing to be local directory of businesses in any given area.

Citations in local business directories, on social platforms and local websites that help searchers discover a local businesses definitely helps in the local search engine rankings. If your business doesn’t show up in the local places local people are looking for local businesses. You will more than likely lose out in the local rankings to your competition.

Data accuracy in the NAP is very important not only because of Google. But also to those looking for what your business does. As 68% of consumers have said, they wouldn’t use a local business if the information in local directories was wrong.

‘Localizing Your Business Information’ is making sure your business name, physical address and phone number appear everywhere exactly the same as on your website. For businesses that have several locations, creating distinct separate local pages on the website is a must.

How is your ranking in the local search results?

Are you happy with how your business is seen online?

Are you in the map pack?

Are you high on page one of the Google search results?

Are you happy to be losing out to your competitors?

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Getting high quality, relevant votes or back-links is very important.

If you want to appear high in the local search results it’s very important that you get votes or backlinks from websites that Google trusts. These websites need to acknowledge your website as being trustworthy and they do that by linking to your site. This is what the local search algorithm looks for when grading a website page.  Good high quality links from trusted sources all help boost your search engine ranking.

Local people are finding local businesses on their smartphones.

They are using the internet to find information about your local businesses and what it offers.

The majority of all internet searches are now done via a smartphone and more than 46% of all Google searches are local. And a huge 78% plus of these mobile searches result in a purchase.

Many searches are done to find information about a particular business. And a huge number are made regarding as to what a business does or offers.

Most folk who have a blocked drain or a burst pipe, just want a local plumber and would type into the search box, plumber (locality) or emergency plumber (locality). This is why it is important to rank well in the local search results for when people are looking for what your business does.

The best time to attract a potential customer is when they are looking for what you do. And we can help you with that.

Local SEO has a high conversion rate.

If you still need a reason as to why local SEO is important, here is why. People tend to think of the search results as a list of the best businesses relative to what they are looking for. This is why the top results are clicked more than the bottom results. Page one of the search results is essential because hardly anyone searches past page one.

More and more consumers are using their mobile phones to find the best local results while on the go. Being high on the first page of the google search results means you never miss out on a potential customer.

Local SEO a great return on investment.

Because local search engine optimisation is so targeted there is no waste of resources. Unlike the old fashioned way of advertising where you didn’t know who saw your ad or who didn’t. With SEO you are in front of potential customers right at the moment that they are looking for what you do. This makes local SEO both cost-effective and very efficient.

After your investment for a great SEO service you’ll have free promotion for your business!

And unlike the expensive paid for google ads the free listings can be maintained indefinitely.

These days, people rely on the internet to find exactly what they are looking for regardless of the time or location. If your business isn’t found in the local search results, you’ll not only miss out on new customers but you’ll also be losing them to your competitors

Use Local SEO to grow your business

Now is the right time for you to harness the power of our local SEO services. By placing your business in front of your competitors. And stealing the business away from them.

Every local businesses, from accountants to Zen mechanics can make more profit by improving their business listings with local SEO Wakefield marketing, so get started with us today!