Utility Warehouse Review

Utility Warehouse Review

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Other Peoples Views On Utility Warehouse

I joined Utility Warehouse 18 months as i was quoted gas, electric and broadband for £95 a month. Bargain.

The theory was when bundled together, utilities are cheaper.

All was tickedy boo until they installed a smart meter and my bills shot up to £150 pcm.

They said its because the meter calculated i had used more electric than i was paying so they calculated how much i owed from the start and spread the cost.

I immediately went on compare the market and switched to another company who charge me 50 a month. Happy days.

However, in July i paid my new company 50 then 180 by Utility Warehouse. Plus got another bill from Utility Warehouse for 240. I HAVE FRICKING left them!

utility warehouse reviews
utility warehouse reviews
Review of utility warehouse by PantPlot Mon 04-Sep-17 16:51:03

They’re a shower of cowboys.

My friend is a UW…distributor. And even he pays over the frickin odds for his energy use. Plus spends many of his weekends replacing light bulbs for new customers (not just ‘his’ I might add). Ah but they get taken out for one course at Pizza Express once a month so alls okay hmm

The only people doing well out of UW are the people at the top.